log planters

Frequently Asked Question's

How much?

The prices depend on your requirements. Each item is hand made, unique and individually priced.

But as a guide:

A small (24”) log planter with the bark on - £30
A large (48”) log planter with the bark on - £50

A small (24”) varnished log - £40
A large (48”) varnished log - £60

An upright log planter with the bark on - £25
An upright varnished log planter - £35

Larger wood planters:

60cm plain cube - £50
60cm stained (as pictured) cube - £65

1 metre by 30cm plain trough - £45
1 metre by 30cm stained (as pictured) trough - £60

Please contact me and we can discuss your needs.


I can deliver locally to Kings Lynn (within 15 miles) for a small extra charge. Items will be delivered over longer distances via courier. The delivery charge is not included in the price.

What can I plant?

I try to make as much space for the plants as I can. The planters can be planted up with the seasons, spring bulbs, or summer bedding. They look great with healthy plants, especially if they include trailing plants that grow out and down over the sides. I also theme them, I have herb planters, heathers, grasses, irises and colour themed planters.

Where can I put them?

They look ideal in a prominent place within your garden. They are unique so don’t hide them! They are also great lining paths or for dividing areas.

The larger garden planters are ideal for placing outside your business, shop, pub, playschool or anywhere else where you want to improve the look and create a good first impression with visitors.

They did not look out of place in my daughter’s wedding marquee either!

Children can plant seeds and then watch them grow, learning about plants and nature.

How heavy are they?

Clearly they are not light items. These are not cheap wood effect plastic moulds. You are buying a feature piece that will be a talking point for anyone who sees it. A small planter can be moved by one person, larger planters might need two people. If they are sited well initially there should be no real need to move them thereafter.

How long will they last?

I have kept the first log planter I ever made. It is 4 years old now, and, like us all, it is growing old gracefully. It still looks good and has real character! My large wood planters are older still and still going strong.

How soon?

Each planter is made to order and I will try to complete your order and get it ready for dispatch in ten working days. Larger orders may take slightly longer.