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log planters

My name is Simon and I am Norfolk Log Planters. I craft bespoke, hand made log planters from locally grown soft woods. Each planter is unique and made to order. They are hand carved and finished using an axe and chisel. Each log is sustainably sourced from a managed wood nearby.

All the items I make are solid, durable and hand made. They are not made of moulded plastic or split log edging, nor are they machined or finished with a chainsaw.

I am conveniently located mid-way between Norwich and Peterborough in the coastal town of Kings Lynn. I am less than five miles away from Sandringham.

This is a brand new business venture for me. I welcome any feedback – positive or negative. I need to know what you think so I can improve the service I offer.


My Products

bark log planter

Traditional planters have the bark left on which creates a very pleasing rustic look. They range in size from 2 feet long to 4 feet long. They are normally between 9 inches and 12 inches wide. Each log has drainage holes in the bottom and, in order to give the plants’ roots as much room as possible, I always try to ensure that the area that I hollow out is over 7 inches wide and at least 6 inches deep. I line the hollow with heavy grade plastic.

varnished log planter

I also remove the bark and then hand plane and varnish the log. This accentuates the grain and the unique features of the wood itself. Each varnished log is seasoned first and then receives at least three coats of yacht varnish. Varnished logs are made to the same standard and sizes as the logs with the bark on. You can display these logs inside - they look great in a conservatory or porch.

Upright log planter

Upright planters are shorter and wider – usually about 15 inches tall and up to 17 inches across. The hollowed out area is larger, usually over 10 inches across and 10 - 12 inches deep. These are also lined and have drainage holes. They are ideal for specimen plants. I also supply these with the bark on, or varnished.

Garden planter
Garden planter

I also make larger garden planters from pressure treated decking boards. These planters are sturdy and are made to order so I can make any size or shape to meet your individual needs. As you can see cubes and rectangular planters are the most popular shapes. I mitre the corners and they are supplied lined with weed suppressing fabric which helps contain the soil and aids with drainage. They have a central support underneath to strengthen the base. I can stain them to match your garden’s colour schemes.

wood shaving wood shaving

Wood Shavings

Wood shavings are much finer than wood chips and are perfect for breaking down heavy soil, improving drainage and conditioning the soil. They can also be used as a weed suppressant around specimen plants or smaller borders.

wood chip wood chip

Wood Chip

Wood chips are ideal for pathways and as a weed suppressant. The can be used in beds and borders or around specimen plants. They look natural. They are biodegradable and will eventually rot down, helping to condition the soil.

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